Leader in clinical, diagnostics, molecular and medical solutions, since 1993

Scientronics has been a leader in clinical, molecular, diagnostic and medical technology since 1993 in Cyprus.

We share contracts with the biggest healthcare providers in the island and provide a premium service.

Our global network of partners makes up a prestigious list and covers a full range of solutions in all healthcare fields.

At Scientronics customer needs are always put forward and are a priority, at the same time providing value and a warm attitude towards both its customers and its staff.

We constantly seek the latest technology to enhance the healthcare community in Cyprus and we continue to learn and develop within it.

For many, biotechnology is an unfamiliar concept. Yet, a great lot of the equipment and diagnostic tools used by all of us in our everyday life affect important decisions to improve and extend our lives. Thus, our motto is “Better Diagnostics. Better Care. Better Life.”

Our offices, logistics and warehousing are held at the highest of the standards and under strict regulations and procedures. We have been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 since 2001. Over our history since 1993 we served thousands of healthcare providers and sold millions of products, managing to build a strong reputation and strong relationships with partners and loyal customers.

The sense of family within our employees, some of them with decades within the company, gives our everyday team spirit and limitless possibilities of collaborative energy.

The goal towards excellence is a common one and ahead of personal interests.

We support and encourage open communication and meaningful cooperation among colleagues from varying backgrounds and disciplines.